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Verge Magazine is an online, student-written lifestyle publication at the University of Cincinnati. We publish the work of current and former journalism students at UC. For more information, see our About Verge page and Our History. If you are a UC student interested in contributing to this publication, please read our Submission Guidelines.


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Top (left to right): Lauren Kremer, Jordan Cassini. Middle (left to right): Madison Schmidt, Jenny Wohlfarth (adviser), Erin Walden. Seated (left to right): Baihley Grandison, Katie Griffith. Photo by Madison Schmidt and Lauren Kremer.



2013 STAFF — FALL SEMESTER: (left to right in photo below) Dylan McCartney, Diana Weckenbrock, Phil Didion (on the lion), Ally Reuther and Jenny Wohlfarth (adviser). (Not pictured: Emmi MacIntyre.) Photo by Kara Driscoll.

Verge Staff 2013-2014


2012-2013 STAFF — SPRING SEMESTER: Elese Daniel, Dylan McCartney, Lauren Purkey (photo editor), Holly Yurchison, Taylor Norton, Bethany Cianciolo (managing editor), Jordan Horras and contributors Cody Globig, Jordan Ittel, Holly Rouse and Kim Scaff.

2012-2013 STAFF — FALL SEMESTER: Kim Scaff, Marisa Whitaker, Cody Globig, Sami Bruce, Holly Rouse, Elese Daniel, Baihley Grandison, Bethany Cianciolo (managing editor), Taylor Norton, Lauren Purkey (photo editor) and Woodrow Goldsmith.

2011-2012 STAFF: Ali Balchunas, Keith BieryGolick, Bethany Cianciolo (managing editor), Cody Globig, Woodrow Goldsmith, Stephanie Kitchens, Danielle Koval (photo editor), Sara Maratta, Hannah McCartney, Richard Oliver, Anthony Orozco, Lauren Purkey (photo editor), Kim Scaff, Perry Simpson, Casey Donohoo Tucker, Kelly Tucker, Michelle Tufano (managing editor), Courtney Tynan.

2011 STAFF: Jayna Barker, Carly Behringer, Desire’ Bennett, Corey Gibson, Danielle Koval (photo editor), Sara Maratta, Hannah McCartney, Richard Oliver, Anthony Orozco, Paige Partridge, Sam Spencer and Michelle Tufano (managing editor).

FOUNDING STAFF: Desire’ Bennett, Jathan Fink, Corey Gibson, Meg Groves, Jac Kern, Marielle Murphy, Chris Reid and Andrea Schwallie (designer).